If My People…..

So often we think that if we just had a lot of people who would pray, then we could have revival, healings, nations turned around, or whatever else we are believing for. And no doubt, this country needs a cultural overhaul. The past fifty years have marked a sharp decline in the moral consciousness of our nation which is frightening.

Our decline is manifested in the prolific amount of immoral content Hollywood manufactures, On the opposite side of the country in Washington, D.C., we watch our lawmakers and leaders exhibit the same moral fabric of that of filmmakers. When we look at the natural, there is very little to give us faith for change. Our task seems overwhelming and even downright impossible. How can our nation change? After all, there seems to be few of us who truly believe in the Word of God and the principles of Jesus and so many of those who do not. Do we run and hide because we know that moral decline does to a nation? I mean, judgment has to be on us. No doubt we are in a precarious situation and we know it.

We think that there has to hundreds of thousands of us to create a change in the social society, but maybe, just maybe that’s not true.

So, how many people will it take to turn the United States around? Not as many as one might think. Critical mass is determined by taking the square root of 1 percent of the population. According to the 2010 census, the population of the United States was 313,914,040 people. One percent of that number is 3,139,140. Taking the square root of that number, the result is 1,772. According to this, it would take 1,772 people dedicated to a certain outcome in order to obtain the desired result.

Imagine, less than 2,000 people dedicated to prayer for America’s educational system could change America’s schools. The last prayer Jesus prayed for all believers in the Garden of Gethsemane was for unity. He knew how important it was for believers to agree in prayer about one specific goal.

Several years ago, a prominent Word of Faith teacher, Charles Capps, said, “One day science is going to prove that prayer works.” With the discovery of Quantum Physics, came the knowledge of what is known as “critical mass,” science may finally be catching up to what we as Christians have known all along.





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