Prayer is Doing the Work

Praying for a school, isn’t for the faint of heart. No getting around it, prayer is work. That’s because prayer is believing in God who hears and answers us when we call on him. One of my favorite scriptures is John 6:29, “Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.'” So what helps us do the “work of believing?” I’ve listed four things that it takes to at least get going in prayer.

  • Faith – it takes faith to believe God for change in our schools
  • Knowledge – we must know how to pray targeted, effective prayers
  • Energy – it takes a lot of effort and energy to pray, whether it’s making the effort to get together with a group to pray or to go walk around a school and pray
  • Perseverance – one time prayers, while nice, are not likely to produce the long-term results needed to produce the radical change we need in our educational system.


I remember when I first prayed at a local school. As an educator, I had some idea of the battles going on in the classrooms of the schools where we prayed, so thoughts prayer would be simple – but prayer often needs some “warm up” and sometimes requires a “jump-start” to get going. The four things I’ve listed above gives the “warm up” and the impetus to get going and keep going, until we see the results!

God bless you as you engage in His work!


Jesus, you said to pray for laborers to go into the field of harvest. I pray for multitudes of faith-filled believers to come to the forefront of the battles for the minds of our children. I pray they will believe You for transformation and reformation in American education.


I have the faith, knowledge, energy and perseverance to pray until I see this school transformed from the inside out by the glory of God!

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