Prayer Points for the US Department of Education and Betsy DeVos

1. Pray that long reaching Department of Education policies will be minimized as local communities rise up and take responsibility for the
education of the children on a local level.
2. Pray for wisdom for Ms. DeVos as she makes decisions on school choice options, vouchers, charter schools, and public schools. Pray that
the best options for our children and our nation will prevail.
3. Pray for Betsy DeVos’ protection every place she goes. Let those who would taunt her and say vile things about her, be quieted.
4. Pray that only those with a heart for children would be hired at the Department of Education. Those who are there only for a paycheck
and to oppose Ms. DeVos because of her political affiliation will be removed from their positions.
5. Pray that anyone who works at the Department of Education who is a Communists, Progressive, Socialists, and/or Anarchists will be
revealed and removed.
6. Pray that Betsy DeVos is free to do her job and she has great favor with President Trump.
7. Pray for a multitude of Godly counselors to surround Ms. DeVos to help her make the best decision for America’s students.
8. Pray for strategic meetings with people who will help her and not hinder her. (The president of NEA has refused to meet with Ms. DeVos.
Pray they will meet only if they have the potential to work together.)
9. Pray that Ms. DeVos will achieve her goals as she has set her priorities to: (1) encourage parents and educators; (2) reduce red tape;
(3) utilize and build evidence of what works and what doesn’t; (4) make strides toward ensuring equal access to high-quality,
affordable education every American student deserves in an educational environment that is safe and respectful of all viewpoints and
10. Pray that Betsy DeVos will be like Nehemiah in her resolve to restore education in America. She will not be deterred by those who want
her to quit.
11. Pray for strength for Betsy DeVos to continue to be a reformer in education.
12. Pray the Department of Education would produce Godly policy for the students in all of our schools.
13. Pray that the Department of Education under Betsy DeVos will be able to curb Student Loan Debt that now exceeds $1 trillion dollars
and exceeds Credit Card debt in our nation.
14. Pray for innovative ways to pay for college tuition.
15. Pray for the red tape to be removed and the Department of Education to be productive.

Nancy Huff
Mountain of Education Leader

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