Pray for America’s Schools Like You Would Pray for a Sick Friend

Many people are very concerned for the future of our children and our schools but feel that it is only a matter of time until our educational system will fail. The educational system is so bad that, “well, why even bother to pray for education?” The next comments that usually follow are about how the Lord’s return is so near, and after all things are just going to get worse and worse before Jesus comes back to earth and rescues us. End of discussion. They continue to worry and look for the rapture. In my opinion, the negative comments and the steady look for redemption in the form of rapture are a cover-up for lack of faith and prayer.
I agree that our educational system is in need of great help. It is sick. But how would those of us who are supposed to be faith-filled believers react if we had a good friend who was in sin and because of that sin he was sick? What if that person had turned his back on God? What if that person had done a lot of good deeds in the past and was trying to get well? What if you knew that if that person regained his health he could change this nation? What if that person’s friends had all turned against him and refused to pray? What if that person had been exploited by people who had taken advantage of him? What if that person had provided for the education of hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world and would do so again, when he recovered? What if you knew that friend, when recovered, would engage in even greater humanitarian acts than he had ever done before? Would you pray for that friend? Yes, every one of us would pray for such a friend. America’s educational system is that friend who needs our prayers for health and healing. Now is not the time to turn against our schools and the education of our children and watch the educational system go downhill – Now is the time to rise up in faith and believe God for her healing!

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