Prayer for the Mountain of Education during the Month of Tammuz – Linked to the Tribe of Reuben

The month of Tammuz is associated with the tribe of Reuben, who veered from his original intent by committing adultery. Reuben was able to reestablish himself and continue his life with his new redemptive purpose. Our forefathers established schools for the primary purpose of teaching children the Bible. That purpose was abandoned, but as we pray this month, we will pray that God’s redemptive purpose for the Mountain of Education is established in this nation.

• We decree that this month of Tammuz is a month of worship. As ungodliness looms in education, we turn our attention to worship the One True God, who will make Himself known throughout the Mountain of Education.
• We decree that since this is the month to watch our words, we watch our mouths and speak only the best the Lord has for America’s education.
• We say that there is a moral outcry among the leaders of our nation against the “golden calf” that has been built in education. No longer will our children worship idols. We reset, and make adjustments in the Spirit for education to be as our forefathers intended – Godly and moral.
• We speak the redemptive role of education in our nation. We decree that our children are educated intellectually as well as spiritually. They know the Word of God and are led by the Spirit of God.
• We declare shells of deception are broken off Americas schools. Education in America will go to a new redemptive level.
• We decree revelation to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her team. God will give them insight on new ways to improve education. They will implement change in education.
• We call Godly teachers into classrooms across America, who will accept their call and step into God’s redemptive purpose for them and their students. As teachers are selected for the 2018-2019 school year, we call forth instructors at every level of instruction who have the life and light of the living God in their lives.

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