Why Did Jamel Dunn Drown?

On July 9, 2017, Jamel Dunn, Aged 32 of Cocoa, Florida drowned in a retention pond. Five teenagers watched as Jamel struggled against the water to save himself. The five teens shouted at Jamel as they recorded the drowning.

While Dunn screamed for help and struggled to keep his head above water, the teens shouted at him. “Nobody is going to help your a—!” As his head sank under the water, the boys laughed as they said, “Oh he just died!”

Where did these malicious, thoughtless, and evil teens get the idea it was okay to watch Jamel Dunn die and not make any attempt to save him, but rather did just the opposite—encouraged him die? The teens went unpunished because they broke no laws. Which leaves us to ask, “Why did they not feel compelled to help? What kind of parents, educational system, and society did not instill in these young men any morals?” The fact is they were raised in American families and attended American schools.

The fact is our children are learning morals, it’s just those morals are taught as socially relevant. If students are not taught differently at home, in the media, in church, then they will be raised in a moral vacuum.

In common core curriculum, there is scant mention of our founding fathers and no mention of the fact that they believed in a God who is the Creator of heaven and earth and that as individuals we will be held accountable to a higher power for our actions on this earth.

Students are taught they are okay and everyone else is to blame for any flaws they might have. They are taught the first law of the land is to take care of themselves and them only. It’s the way of humanism – the religion taught in our public schools. The void of moral teaching is filled with the reinforcement of self-love and the use of self-interest as a moral compass. Our country cannot sustain itself with such teaching.

It is time to launch a counter-offensive of prayer that will address the issues of humanism gone rampant. As we pray, direction is given, so let us pray in earnest for the redemption of education in America!

One thought on “Why Did Jamel Dunn Drown?

  1. Thank you…I am encouraged and will prayer walk…I don’t mind a little righteous indignation and zeal to get truth back. It will take some speaking up. And some showing up.


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