Why the Future is Better than We Think

It’s often difficult to see beyond the immediate problems of our planet to where we could be if God were to give us new innovations, new solutions and new horizons. We look at what the world is telling us and believe, like Chicken Little, “The sky is falling.” But if we believe that God is bringing solutions to every day problems we face, then we know there is no a problem that He can not solve and, frankly, our world is in very good hands.

Recently, at the recommendation of a friend, I purchased the book, Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think. (Yes, another book!) Opening the book, I thought, “Yeah, I bet. Everyone knows the future is dismal and we are all in a grind. True to human nature, sometimes we all need a different perspective on life and although the book isn’t a religious book, it gave me a new perspective on what new possibilities lie before us, especially in regard to technology and how God is giving people on His earth the wisdom to solve problems of water shortages, infant mortality, poverty, famine, food shortages and a host of other issues our world faces. What if, God was looking for problem solvers who will advance His Kingdom on this earth?

One example was in Columbia South America. From 1999 to 2008, Columbia was ruled by FARC (Revolutionary Armed Force of Columbia) a Marxist-Leninist insurgency group that dealt in drugs, kidnappings, arms dealing, and terrorism. They were a force to be reckoned with, and anyone who spoke against them ended up dead.

A young man had the idea to One young man had an idea to set up a FaceBook Page and called it “A Million Voices Against FARC.” He had four simple pleas: NO MORE KIDNAPPING, NO MORE LIES, NO MORE DEATH, NO MORE FARC. He published the FB page one night and the next morning he had 1500 likes. Within a week, he had 100,000 likes. One month later he had 400,000 volunteers and was able to muster over 12 million people in 200 cities across the world who were willing to take to the streets. In Bogota there were 1.2 million to protest. News of the demonstrations penetrated the jungles and FARC, fearing for their lives, disbanded. There was NO MORE FARC. The lessons learned from Columbia.
We need each other.
We need a plan.
We need technology.
We need unity.
We need someone with the “juice” of the Holy Spirit to lead the cause.

All of the elements came together in one example from the country of Columbia.

We’ve all seen those pictures of busy little robots in a factory. They each do the work of one hundred employees and they don’t require health insurance, vacation pay or sick leave. They are just worker bees – toiling away and taking meaningful jobs from good honest people. While they may take those jobs, the people they replace are now able to take more meaningful jobs.

It’s easy to imagine that technology takes away jobs and sometimes difficult to see the next generation of jobs on the horizon.

If one believes in a good then the future is definitely better than we think!

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