Department of Education Cracks Down on Theft of Intellectual Property and Buying Influence at Harvard and Yale

The Department of Education has a new face. Armed with superintelligence, they are going after institutions of higher learning who accepted money but failed to report their gifts, from countries like China, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, the Department of Education has expected colleges and universities to automatically report any gifts, and contracts, from any foreign source of more than $250,000. That approach hasn’t worked as nearly 70% of U.S. universities failed to give accurate reports. One prime example is the $113 million that Hanban, a propaganda arm of the Chinese government, donated to U.S. universities. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee requested a report from the receiving universities and found that the schools had only reported $15.5 million. The problem is huge.

Currently, Harvard and Yale are in the crosshairs of not only the Department of Education but also the Department of Justice. The Department of Education released a statement that Yale alone had failed to disclose $375 million in foreign money. Since the announcement that a crackdown would be initiated, several universities have stepped up and reported about $6.5 billion of previously received undisclosed foreign gifts, grants, and contracts. Secretary DeVos in testifying before Congress said, “Unfortunately, the more we dig, the more we find that too many are underreporting or not reporting at all. We will continue to hold colleges and universities accountable and work with them to ensure their reporting is full, accurate, and transparent, as required by the law.”

One of the overt reasons for the crackdown is to stop the spying and stealing of technology by foreign governments hostile to the United States. The need for aggressive measures was made clear on January 28, when the F.B.I. raided a Harvard research laboratory and home, and took away in handcuffs Dr. Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology. Dr. Lieber was charged with lying to federal officials for hiding from Harvard, the National Institutes of Health, and from the Defense Department, the amount of money the Chinese were paying him. As early as 2011, Dr. Lieber was hired as a “strategic scientist” at the Wuhan University of Technology in China, for this he received $50,000 monthly salary, $15,000 in annual living expenses and $1.5 million to build a separate laboratory in Wuhan. According to his current charges, he had also failed to report his ties to China and his involvement with China’s Thousand Talents program. Two other scientists were also arrested the same day as Dr. Lieber: Zaosong Zheng and Yanqing Ye. Mr. Zheng was arrested at the Boston airport with 21vials of cells stolen from a hospital in Boston and was on his way to China to publishing the research under his name. Ms. Ye was arrested for failing to report her involvement with the People’s Liberation Army. She continued to carry out assignments from Chinese military officers during her research tenure at Boston University.

The new efforts are part of the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on hostile foreign Chinese graduate students and researchers working in American laboratories. President Trump has placed a high priority on rooting out scientists who are stealing America’s research and has repeatedly expressed his concerns related to two Chinese telecommunications companies, Huawei and Z.T.E. Attorney General William Barr, has made it a priority to pursue those who ignore and abuse the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.

This is a job for intercessors. We delight in praying to reveal the strategies of the enemy so their schemes can be stopped.

Lets Pray:

Nehemiah posted men on the wall to watch for those who would fight against Jerusalem. The men prayed to God in their positions. We call watchman prophets into positions to stand on the wall and pray for God to reveal all those who would steal our intellectual property and our nation’s future prosperity. The watchmen will know when the enemy spies are at work and will expose all the deeds of those who steal and commit acts of treason against America.
Nehemiah 4:8

We pray protection over President Trump, Attorney General William Barr, and Secretary Betsy DeVos as they fight this battle to stop the theft of our intellectual property, our freedom, and all ungodly influence over our nation. Lord, give them battle instructions. Let them know when and where to counterattack spies and thieves.
I Chron. 14:10-15

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