There is Good News in Education

Even on a good day, the landscape for transformation in education in America can look bleak. I’ve garnered people to pray for the cultural Mountain of Education for over 20 years, so when this big ocean-liner of education shows signs of turning around, we celebrate! I’m sharing with you a few of the fronts that show signs of transformation. While it’s certainly not completed, it is time to press into the race in prayer, so in that final lap, we win! So here we go.

The NEA—This labor union wields the most influence on/over America’s educational system. The NEA promotes a liberal agenda that is anti-family, anti-child, anti-Christian, and anti-American. They strong-arm educators to pay high fees that primarily go to the NEA office in Washington, DC, to lobby for liberal causes and candidates. They currently promote the early sexualization of our children and implement the curriculum in our schools to train our children in sexual behaviors.

The NEA was one of my first “prayer targets.” Whenever I went to D.C., I would take people to pray at their headquarters. Five years ago, I led a team specifically to pray at strategic places in D.C.

The victory over the NEA happened in June 2018, when the Supreme Court dealt the blow they ruled that educators who choose not to join unions may not be required to help pay for collective bargaining. Since that time, membership in the NEA has decreased by 25%. That’s a huge victory!

Pearson Publishing—Pearson publishes over 80% of our textbooks. The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) owns the controlling shares of the stock in Pearson Publishing. The LIA was started by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who left the stock to his five sons when he died. Also part of the LIA is the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR). Ever wonder why we have so much Muslim influence in our textbooks? It’s because our textbooks all come from one thought pool—Pearson Publishing.

The victory at Pearson Publishing happened as their stock price dropped 57% over the past few years, and to anticipate 2019 equally as bleak. One of Pearson’s recovery strategies is to sell off sub-companies, which includes some of their most widely known publishing companies. The sell-off breaks up the “Publisher Consciousness” that creates “one thought” textbooks that interject ideas like globalism, Islamic prominence, and liberal thought, into all their textbooks. The current CEO has been asked to retire and will do so in 2020.

U.S. Department of Education—This department sets national policy, collects data, and administers student loans. In the past, religious liberty has been severely limited. After much prayer on the issue of religious freedom, there was a breakthrough! On January 28, 2020, President Trump held a press conference on religious liberty available to everyone in Public Schools!! He put some teeth into the religious liberty thrust when the set up a reporting agency in each state to handle complaints on denials of religious freedom.

Foreign Influence on U.S. Universities takes a hit— The Department of Education and the Justice Department are investigating universities that have received vast sums of unreported money from countries like China and Qatar. Harvard and Yale are major offenders: Yale has failed to report at least $375 million, and at Harvard, the Chair of the Department of chemistry and biology was arrested for failure to report foreign money he received. (I wrote an article for Intercessors for America about this: International Espionage at Major U. S. Universities — President Trump Cracks Down. You can find it on the web at

A wise man attacks the city of the mighty and

pulls down the stronghold in which they trust.
Proverbs 21:22

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