Taking the Mountain of Education:

A Strategic Prayer Guide to Transform American Schools

Everyone knows that America’s Educational system is in trouble but few offer solutions for redemption of our schools. Often our prayers are for a specific school where our children or grandchildren are attending, but the whole mountain of education is in need of transformational prayer. The problem is that most people of prayer simply do not know how to start, nor do they know what to pray. Taking the Mountain of Education: A Strategic Prayer Guide to Transform American Schools is for those who want to pray informed prayers to target root problems of issues we face in American Education.

Taking the Mountain of Education was birthed from an exercise in spiritual mapping, which combines data collection, historical research and spiritual revelation as they pertain to American education. As those three streams of thought merge, the location of enemy entry points that caused this country’s education to operate in the failed state we witness today are readily recognizable. Once identified, a targeted prayer strategy can be implemented that will allow believers who pray to participate in the process of transformation. We can then witness change in America’s educational system and it will not take one-hundred years. The combination of spiritual mapping and strategic prayers allows more targeted prayers that create immediate sustainable results.

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Included are ten historical events or entities, called entry points that led the United States to a humanistic failed public school system. Each entry point has a unique prayer strategy that targets the root causes of humanism in our schools. This book is for anyone who wants to see reformation in the cultural mountain of education in America.
Together we can absolutely experience a reformation in American’s schools, but only if we pray smart, targeted prayers. Taking the Mountain of Education: A Strategic Prayer Guide to Transform American Schools, is a well thought out and effective approach to pray in transformation and reformation in the Mountain of Education.