Testimonials for Taking the Mountain of Education:

A Strategic Prayer Guide to Transform American Schools

I was blessed reading your book!   It is  AWESOME!  It is BRILLIANT!   It is DYNAMITE!   You watch and see what God does with this book!  This Mountain is coming down!
Everyone knows that we have problems in our schools, but I for one did not know the true history of the plans and schemes that our adversary Satan, has used over many years!   Your book is a book of truth!    The Bible says that “We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free!”
Thank you for hearing God’s call to write this book, and your perseverance  and hard work in bringing it to fruition!  I know that our Father is saying:  “Well done my beloved daughter!”
-Rich Eldred

Nancy Huff and her book, Taking the Mountain of Education are answers to a lot of our prayers. We all want the best education for our children and grandchildren, and we all want our American Schools to be transformed, and this book has the best strategies to accomplish it that I have ever seen.
Nancy is the leader for the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN) for transformation of education of our nation (we call it the “Education Mountain”)
HAPN has a leader and a prayer network in all 50 states and 57 nations (I am the founder and overall leader). C. Peter Wagner says that HAPN has “the most tangible, measurable results of high level prayer and spiritual warfare that I have heard yet in my life”. We have been asking God for wisdom and revelation on how to get tangible, measurable results in transforming the Education Mountain, and Nancy and her book are great answers to our prayers. Ephesians 6:12 says that our real struggle is in the unseen realm against demonic forces. Taking the Mountain of Education is a tremendous help in identifying what and where those forces are, how and when they go there, and what to do about them. I thank God for Nancy and this book, because we are getting some real, tangible breakthroughs in prayer and spiritual warfare across our nation and fully expect it to continue.
If you really want to make a lasting difference in the education system of our nation, buy the book and do what it says. You will be so glad you did!
-Dr. John Benefiel
Founding Leader of the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network

Thank you so much for your book! I’m getting ready to share it with the HAPN Executive Leadership Team in California this weekend. I just love all the history, the repentance, prophetic declarations and the locations we should go to for prayer. This is going to be an awesome tool for dealing with the Education Mountain and I sincerely appreciate all that you did in compiling it.
-Audrey Pannier
California Executive Leadership Team

I just sent an email to Bill O’Reilley at Fox News about your book. While reading it, I have been urged to apprise him of your endeavors for the Mountain of Education. This book is strategic to the healing of our nation and it is an opportunity to have it circulated by the media.
Thank you for hearing from God and responding with such factual truth about these issues in our America.
May God richly bless your endeavors and hear our cry for change and transformation. Some Universities professors are actually cultivating the idea that the government should take our children at early ages (ref: page 13, re: Duncans’ statement). This is not a myth, they are actually teaching this as a way to upgrade our educational system in the future.
I love and appreciate you.
-Ruby Bibbs
Tulsa, Oklahoma

….wanted you to know about how the books (Taking the Mountain of Education) are being used. I bought about 6 books and gave them out to p0eople, some who are working in the education mountain and some who are called to other mountains, because I think it is such an excellent blue print on how to take any mountain. How did Satan get the inroads and etc….
-Terri Brown
Colorado Springs, CO