Taking the Mountain of Education

Our Mission is raise up a prayer force for the Cultural Mountain of Education that would create a transformation in the United States that would impact the world. Students would be taught the core character traits of honesty, integrity, faithfulness, patriotism, and the virtue of focused work. Students would learn to fear God and to acknowledge Him as the Creator of this earth.

Our mission has two parts: to raise up a prayer force to cover each school in the United States; to teach people of prayer how to pray for the Cultural Mountain of Education.

Our desire is to make the United States of America the best place in the world to educate a child!

We do this by recruiting people of prayer to pray for the Cultural Mountain of Education. Not only do we raise awareness of issues that impact our schools, both public and private. We initiate prayer for every facet of education, both public and private. No issue is too small nor is any issue too large that God cannot intervene. If His people, who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray, God will move.

In the past, TCI sponsored “Take a Walk that Will Change Eternity” –a call to Believers to pray at school sites in their local neighborhoods. Along with the prayer initiatives were city-wide call to prayer meetings with special speakers like BStudents Praying at Call to Prayereth Nimo, the mother of Rachel Scott who was slain in the Columbine School shooting and William  Murray O’Hair, son of atheist Madeline Murray O’Hair.

Taking the Mountain of Education is an outreach of Teach The Children International. You can visit us at TeachTheChildrenInternational.com to learn more about our outreaches in America and abroad.

Teach the Children International is a 501(c) humanitarian organization based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.